The Challenge

Choose one thing from the list each week. Choose a time to do it, book it in with your partner and let your children know. There is a time slot this week that Mum is going to be filling her well. Then don't give yourself a way out.

This thing you're about to do is utterly essential, for you and flowing on from that, for your partner and children.

This is going to save you later in the week - it might be the difference between screaming at your child for making a normal mistake and having the patience to wade through it and use it as a useful experience.

Lastly, let us know how it goes, we'd love to hear.

1 comment:

  1. Zesters-
    I love the idea of this blog-and this commitment. I was very impressed with the night in the hotel follow thru! That is inspiring and I will commit to doing that sometime in January as my new year gift--I will invite another writer to go eat and writer and pass out! Delicious idea.
    My only suggestion to the wording of your challenge--there are many mama's out here who do not by circumstance or choice have a partner. (Single mother by choice here) who do have a great support network and will benefit as much form this challenge and reminder as the others!
    Zest on!