The List

What do you do to put the "zest" back into your life....?

Find a Listening Partner
Create a Gratitude List of parents/friends you love and send them a postcard telling them how much you appreciate them.
Swim through witching hour - especially good for daylight savings!
Retail Therapy
Go to the gym - if you have kids make sure it has a creche
Reading for Pleasure
Go to the movies
Gang up with a friend and have a Pizza Night
Hire a babysitter or friend and have a night out alone with your partner
Crochet or knit a little scarf or beanie
Cycling - especially in the country side.
Crafternoon - get a group of women together and make crafts
Your kids play - you play.  Next time you're in the playground go down the slide and swing hight to the sky.
Massage - schedule it late in the afternoon so you can have dinner and go to bed.
Go out for dinner with other Mums.
Dancing in the living room
Have a regular child swap arrangement and get some time out that way


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  1. Starting a craft work
    Crochet or knit a little scarf, a beanie something simple. It's quite therapeutic.

    I find handling the soil and plants takes off the negativity that surrounds me and gives me energy. Whenever I cannot take it anymore, I throw myself to the garden and even if I cannot water it due to water restrictions I simply observe my plants, little creatures and birds around. Even if the kids join me outside , I feel we all enter into a different mood altogether

  2. Pedicure!!

    Half an hour of pampering for your feet and looking at mindless magazine articles does wonders. I even enjoy the simple act of picking out a colour - go daring with a bright red and you'll look quite glamourous in a pair of thongs :)

  3. Blogging. Hands down has saved me from myself!

  4. The year that my second was born, my zest was leaving the two kids with hubbie for half an hour and cycling through the hedgrerow laden lanes on summer evenings outside Chichester in England. I probably only did it three times, but the memory and knowing I could do it, kept me going many a time through those ‘witching hour blues’!
    Keep it up, I will follow with interest!
    Love Ann

  5. Like Hectic Jurassic's idea about crafts. Could have a women't get-together where you make crafts. My friends & I used to do it and we called it crafternoon.

    A visit to the spa should definitely be on the list

    Carving out time to go to the gym or take a yoga class or meditation class. Many yoga studios are starting to offer meditation classes from time to time

  6. i get so sick of play parks so one day I decided to join in - we swung on the giant wheel swing together, I went down the slides and found it impossible to take myself seriously and for the first time in 2 years i didn't resent being there.

  7. There's nothing like a late afternoon massage to make the world a better place. I schedule 90 minutes (instead of the measly one hour)for around 4:30, put something in the crockpot, shower and put on sweats, get the massage, drive home at about 30 mph, hoping I don't hit someone in my bliss-induced coma.

    Dinner gets dished up and cleared away by the hub and I check out for the evening with a book and the rice pack (straight from the microwave.) Ahh, that's living.

    Ginger B.

  8. Kylie-hannah who can't play the pianaNovember 8, 2009 at 7:57 PM

    Things I find useful are:
    going out for a nice dinner with other Mums
    dancing in the living room

  9. Kylie-Hannah who can't play the pianaNovember 8, 2009 at 8:00 PM

    dancing in the living room to loud music