First Time to Hire A BabySitter

I knew one thing.  I needed time to out with my husband alone more than once a year when his parents came from England or my parents came from Queensland. 

I had a recommendation from a friend for a babysitter and I booked her in.  When she arrived, I knew the grandmotherly figure was perfect.  The kids were in safe hands. 

We left our sleeping children, walking ten minutes up hill to Dulwich Hill, holding hands under the starry sky to an Egyptian Restaurant.  The food was delicious and despite feeling tired from night weaning, I was out, alone, with my husband.

We followed one simple rule - Five (5) minutes of talk about the kids and after that they were a no go zone.  It did stretch me for the first few minutes and my mind did wander back to the kids every so often, but it was good practice to focus on other topics.

Back at home, our toddler had woken but the Babysitter had dealt expertly with her, lying in our bed with her, then offering some milk, then finally lying with her again before leaving her to go quickly back to sleep. 

I was amazed and in awe that now I could reliably have a night out every two months while someone warmly and gently took care of my children.                                                                                       J

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